Two worlds, one migration.

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Have you seen a visceral decline in house martins, swifts or swallows near you? Please get in touch!

Do you live in or around Kenya? Have you seen house martins, swifts or swallows actively in an area near you? We'd love to hear!

Want to help us capture the epic journey these birds take? Do you have any footage of Palearctic species of bird using an area near you as a passage for migration? Please let us know.

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About the Project

Birds Beyond Borders is an inclusive and collaborative non-profit documentary and research project. Through the story of bird migration; the project aims to reveal more about climate change, our relationship with the natural world, and how we embrace wildlife as human society develops.

Birds Beyond Borders UK

In 2021, house martins and swifts were added to the red list of birds in the UK, one of the countries where they breed every spring.

In the spring/summer of 2022 the Birds Beyond Borders UK team investigated the dramatic decline of these birds in Essex.

Along the Essex coast, however, a rewilding initiative launched by Sir David Attenborough has boosted the population of other red listed birds in the area. Here, the team set out to learn to learn more from Essex Wildlife Trust about rewilding, restoration and how connecting habitats is crucial for wildlife.

The Birds Beyond Borders team have also filmed a number of other species across the UK that are being effected by the results of climate change like European bee-eater and dunlin.

Birds Beyond Borders Kenya

In the winters of November 2022 and November 2023 Kenyan filmmakers are setting out to capture the behaviour of migratory birds with the aim of revealing more about how global biodiversity networks operate. The team believe that following these birds' annual migration might be the key to revealing more about the global conservation efforts we need to see.

The team hope to track these birds as they migrate back to Europe and investigate if their decline is ultimately down to climate change. Extreme shifts in weather patterns can affect the birds passage flights, ability to feed on the wing, or can push populations further North. Kenya, however, is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gasses; tackling this crisis will take a collective effort, especially from those in the West - which the documentary will highlight and explore.

Birds beyond borders Kenya also aims to explore any local knowledge about these birds that may not have been recorded in western science - house martins, especially, have never been filmed in their wintering grounds.

Birds Beyond Borders - West Africa

Birds Beyond Borders also has plans to document migratory birds in The Gambia and Cameroon.


Jimmy Cape

Jimmy is a wildlife cameraman, DoP and director with a BSc in Zoology and MA in documentary film . His work has taken him on remote expeditions across six continents and his footage has been featured in primetime shows for the BBC, NatGeo, AppleTV+, Netflix and others. Jimmy has filmed with African wildlife a number of times.

Benjamin Ward

Benjamin is a wildlife conservationist, birder, filmmaker and writer from the UK, Essex. He's had a passion for species migration from a young age. His experience working with both wildlife NGOs and grassroots movements has had a big influence on his work which has been recognised and awarded internationally.

Alex Stevenson

Alex Stevenson is a filmmaker and environmental campaigner from the UK. His roles include camera operation, camera assistant and on-camera Interviewing. He's studying at the University of West England and has already released a number of short films. He's also produced videos for environmental NGOs in Cornwall.

Karim Kara

Karim is a Kenyan photographer and filmmaker. As an ornithologist, birds drive his inspirations and passions in life. Having accumulated awards for his wildlife and nature photography, Karim's ambition is to make his viewers ask themselves broader questions through his stories about wildlife and conservation.

Martha Mutiso

Martha is an ornithologist, tour guide, conservation photographer and filmmaker based in Kenya. She's also a member of the Nairobi Ringing Group and has had experience monitoring birds in Kenya. Her work has been published on various platforms; and is a reflection of the places,  wildlife and people that inspire her.

Ben Owuor

Ben is a Film Production and Directing student in the US International University - Africa. He has a background in cinematography and production design. He has published short films and is currently producing various conservation documentaries. Ben believes creating awareness is a key part of wildlife conservation.

Freya Neighbour

Freya Neighbour is an artist, activist and filmmaker living in Essex. A majority of her work is inspired by the natural world and wildlife conservation. She has created a number of influential pieces that have supported NGOs and charities. Her work has also supported grassroots environmental movements.

Elliott Johansen-baker

Elliot is an animator and filmmaker who grew up in Essex, UK, with a MS in animation. His works borrow styles from around the world and he is always looking for new inspiration when building the framework for his next animations. He has created short films, anatomical and educational animations.